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Stratus Sports Club is the ultimate Bubble Soccer experience in Los Angeles. Our events our exciting, invigorating, and memorable. Come out and find out what everyone is talking about!

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5 Best Bubble Soccer Tips to Winning and having Fun!

Bubble soccer is such a new and novel game that many people don’t know some of the simple ideas and principles to playing. This article will focus on the mistakes made while playing the game once the whistle sounds with the objectives or winning and having fun.  Here is our list of the top 5 mistakes people make when playing bubble soccer:

5. Not landing on the bubble – Falling is a normal part of bubble soccer and you wear a giant cushioned ball for this purpose.  That being said, the bubble does not protect from falling on your legs.  Lots of people get hit and try to slow their fall or brace themselves with their legs.  This is wrong.  The bubble has straps to prevent you from hitting your head, so when worn properly, flipping over is encouraged.  When you get hit, you want to go with the bubble and try to land on the bubble.  By landing on the bubble you will avoid banging your hips and knees against the ground.

4. Hitting High – Knocking people down is half the fun of bubble soccer, but what’s the best strategy? Obviously size matters in bubble soccer and bigger people are usually more capable of knocking over smaller people just based on their sheer size.  That being said, we’ve seen much smaller people knock over bigger people and also be able to avoid getting knocked over by bigger people.  So what’s the trick?  The trick is going low!  It’s pretty hard to knock over anyone if they can get lower than you

3.  Paying attention to only the soccer ball – The soccer ball is what scores the points and wins games, but chasing after the ball without paying attention to the opponents.  Getting the ball is important and a clear objective, but chasing the ball at the expense of getting knocked over is definitely not worth it.  When running to a ball, make sure you know where your opponents are and brace for impact so you can keep your feet.

2. Leaving the goal wide open – In the excitement of the game, we often times get distracted and forget our position and no position is more important than defense right in front of the goal.  This position will save a lot of goals.  We play no goalies or being inside the goal box, but right outside of the box is a very important position as you can block all the long shots that come from all over the field.

1. Getting up slowly - The number 1 mistake people make while playing bubble soccer is not getting back up quickly.  Yes, you will get hot and tired and sometimes you need a break and laying on the ground can seem so comfortable, but when you’re in the heat of battle and you get knocked down, the best strategy is to get right back up and get back into the action.  The best players are so good at getting back up that it looks like one fluid motion as they bounce back up and into the game.