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Stratus Sports Club is the ultimate Bubble Soccer experience in Los Angeles. Our events our exciting, invigorating, and memorable. Come out and find out what everyone is talking about!

Best Knockerball Rentals Los Angeles

Welcome to the home of Stratus Bumper Balls from Los Angeles. Book Bumper Ball rentals for parties and corporate events. We deliver everything including a ref!

Knockerball rentals Los Angeles
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Welcome to Stratus Knockerball Los Angeles! 

we deliver knockerball games anywhere in Los Angeles. knockerball is full contact soccer that's safe and fun. We rent knockerball suits for birthday party, office party and any event. We deliver anywhere in Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, the Westside, and the South Bay.


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Learn more about Stratus Knockerball Rentals in Los Angeles including tips and tricks, park locations, rules and much more 


Here's our knockerball strategy for winning and having fun

Knockerball is sweeping the nation and no one knows how to play. It's not a difficult game to learn but strategy is important.  We're here to tell you the best tips and tricks to have fun and make you a better Knockerball player:

5. Make sure to Fall Knockerball.  You're going to fall in Knockerball.  We guarantee it! but falling in a Knockerball is a skill.  Our natural instincts tell us to brace for a fall by trying to use our knees and hips. This is a bad idea.  You're wearing a giant inflatable cushion that protects your upper body and head, so use it!  When you fall, try to go with the Knockerball Suit.  Don'l land on your hips or knees.  If you're wearing the suit correctly, you can't hit your head, so a full flip over is encouraged. 

4. How Low can you Go? Hitting is a central part of the game.  And there will be lots of collisions.  So, how can you knock them over and not get knocked over yourself?  It's easy.  Stay low!  If you're lower than your opponent during the hit, chances are you won't get knocked over and they will.  Generally people with more weight win collisions, but we've seen lighter people with 100 lbs difference go low on a hit and knock the bigger person off their feet!

3.  Keep an eye on opponents around you – Never forget to play the ball, but don't focus on it too much.  Otherwise, you're going to get hit hard and won't have a chance to play the ball.  Fast breaks often end with the defender giving the attacker a little bump and the attacker going flying because their momentum carries them forward.  We recommend you take care of your opponents around the ball by bumping them before you play the ball.

2. Goalies make a big difference – We setup cones around the goals to prevent players from playing right in front of the goals.  But that doesn't men you shouldn't have a goalie!  Goalies can prevent a lot of the long goals in Knockerball.  Also, sometimes the ball just squirts out of a scrum towards your goal and your goalie will have a chance to play it to safety.  Teams that forget the goalie position loose games at a 5 to 2 rate compared to teams that makes sure someone is in front of the goal.

1. GET UP!!! - This is the most important tip and trick of Knockerball!  You're going to get knocked down and teams that lay there or take their time getting up won't be able to compete at the highest level.  The more time you spend on the ground, the less time you can play the ball and knock your opponents down.  Getting up is a real skill.  Some people can rock forward onto their feet, but this is really hard for most people.  We recommend rolling over to the front of the Knockerball Suit. Getting your knees and feet underneath you and picking the bubble up with the handles in the front of the suit.  As you practice this, you can get really good at rolling to your stomach and getting up right after hitting the ground and getting back in the action!

It's easy to forget all these Knockerball Tips and Tricks, so don't try to remember all of them. Focus on a few and you'll be beating your opponents and winning Knockerball games in no time!