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Stratus Sports Club is the ultimate Bubble Soccer experience in Los Angeles. Our events our exciting, invigorating, and memorable. Come out and find out what everyone is talking about!

Bubble Soccer Rental in Glendale

Stratus Bubble Soccer has the best bubble soccer events in Glendale, the heart of Los Angeles County. Get your heart pumping is renting bubble soccer.

Glendale Bubble Soccer

Glendale is in the heart of Los Angeles, surrounded by cities and parks on all sides which makes it the perfect location for your next bubble soccer party. With easy access to Glendale for everyone you know and lots of parks to choose from you can’t go wrong. Stratus Bubble Soccer events in Glendale are some of the best events we have but let’s dig into the city for why you should have your event here.

We do want to mention the Armenian History Museum which is based in Glendale. It’s a beautiful building and a wonderful look at the history of the Armenian People and an incredibly important place to learn more about the Armenian Genocide, a horrible mark on history and an important part of history for everyone in LA. If you want to learn more make sure to stop by. We won’t do bubble soccer events here but keep reading to find our favorite places in LA for bubble soccer parties!

Our favorite park in Glendale is the perfect combination for your next event, Brand Park is at the base of the hills on the north side of the city which gives it amazing views paired with a great field, lots of parking, plenty of picnic areas, and lots of shade to keep you cool on the hot summer days. The park is terraced so even though you might be close to other events the terracing gives some privacy to your event.

Our second favorite park is Cerritos Park, trust us it isn’t in Cerritos, and it’s a truly amazing park. It has a large lake, a water feature that you can play in during the day, and we’re pretty sure they filmed part of 21 Jump St the movie there! It also is really spread out with tons of green space so we can always find space to play no matter how crowded it is.

We also want to give a shout out to Dreamworks Animation and Nestle Company headquarters right here in Glendale. If you’re having a birthday party here it’s worth checking out the Nestle company store with candy from around the world or the Dreamworks animation studio which has created some of the best family movies ever!

The last park we love is Maple Park which is a very popular park for a reason! It has everything you need and has a great location. There’s an amazing community center here that’s often hosting events so there’s plenty to do after your Bubble Soccer party with Stratus Bubble Soccer!

We’re sure you’ll love the Glendale community and we hope you book your next bubble soccer party right in Glendale. It’s an amazing community and it’s time you explored it!