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5792 West Jefferson Boulevard
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(213) 262-8286

Stratus Sports Club is the ultimate Bubble Soccer experience in Los Angeles. Our events our exciting, invigorating, and memorable. Come out and find out what everyone is talking about!

Bubble Soccer Rental in Pasadena

We're Stratus Bubble Soccer Pasadena. Book Bubble Soccer Rentals in Pasadena for parties and corporate events. We deliver Bubble Soccer to you.

Bubble Soccer Rental Pasadena
Fun in the Sun

Stratus Bubble Soccer is the best bubble soccer rental company in Pasadena.  We provide Bubble Soccer events throughout the city of Pasadena and bring the equipment to you including a soccer goals, a referee, soccer ball, and cones.

Pasadena is Los Angeles writ small, a city within a city that provides everything you want but tucked away from the cold Pacific and in the warm valleys of East LA. Home of the World Famous Rose Parade, the college classic Rose Bowl and Rose Parade, beautiful architecture, shopping districts, and now bubble soccer.

If you’re starting your day in Pasadena then it’s time to start with two great pieces of Pasadena’s history: The Gamble House and the Huntington Rose Gardens. The Gamble House has been featured in movies, postcards, and it one of the pride’s of Southern California. It beautifully exterior, wonderfully appointed interior and expansive lawns make for a relaxing visual experience and if the lawns make you yearning for more green you can head to the Huntington Rose Garden. The Rose Garden is filled with more roses than you know what to do with and during the right season is a world class garden.

After you’re done cruising Pasadena historic side it’s time to get in touch with the modern and head downtown. On your way there make sure to stop by the Rose Bowl, the site of the classic football match every year and home to a great golf course. Once you hit downtown the excellent shopping, wonderful restaurants, a small museums dotted throughout the town make it seem so much larger than a city of 150,000 people. Just to the south of downtown is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory which has helped NASA put Americans on the moon and our ships throughout the galaxy so throw on your black rimmed glasses and see why nerds are cool.

After you’re done and it’s cooled down make sure to check out the many parks in Pasadena! We’ve played Bubble Soccer all over the city and we haven’t found many places better. Two of our favorites are Grant Park and Eaton Blanche Parks with their expansive lawns, big trees with plenty of shade, and lots of picnic tables for post-game meals.

If you’re in Southern California there’s always a great time to be had in Pasadena by checking our bubble soccer reservations, email us at or call us at 213-262-8286!


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