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Stratus Sports Club is the ultimate Bubble Soccer experience in Los Angeles. Our events our exciting, invigorating, and memorable. Come out and find out what everyone is talking about!

Bubble Soccer Rental in Beverly Hills

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Bubble Soccer Beverly hills

Life Styles of the Rich and Famous might be long gone but the living is still good in Beverly Hills. Shopping on Rodeo Drive hasn’t changed since Pretty Woman, driving on Mulholland Dr still has the best views of LA, and if you’re looking for a park that pulls out all the stops then Beverly Hills is the town for you.  Beverly Hills Bubble Soccer is the new hotness and the thing to do.

Wandering through downtown Beverly Hills you’re guaranteed to see a Ferrari and if you can take your eyes off the road and look in a window you might just see an outfit that costs even more than that Ferrari. Our bubble soccer suits don’t cost as much as college, you won’t be upset if it gets dirty, and it’ll get way more likes on social media. Before you come to your game make sure you stop in for meal off Rodeo, you’ll get to eat just like a star and if brunch is a sport then Beverly Hills is the all star game. Roxbury Park is near downtown Beverly Hills, just on the other side of the high school, and it’s a beautiful park with huge grassy spaces.  This is a perfect park to rent bubble soccer for your event.

After filling your trunk with the hottest outfits it’s time to get a view of LA that’s been on the silver screen since your grandpa took your grandma out for their first date. Driving up the hills, past the Beverly Hill Country Club, past the mansions, and if you’re lucky past Jiff the Pom out for a walk. Once you’re up to the top you’ll get to see everything from Santa Monica, to Long Beach, and Downtown LA with awe inspiring views of the ocean. Then you'll be ready to play bubble soccer Beverly Hills.

Cruise the mountains until the sun goes down and then finish up your day at the Griffith Observatory. While it isn’t actually in Beverly Hills it does have a great nighttime programming and LA is at it’s most beautiful when it lights up at night. Not to mention the Observatory has an amazing lawn out front that we’d love to provide a bubble soccer event on if you’re down.

Beverly Hills is more evocative than most cities and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the finer things in life the same day as you enjoy an game of bubble soccer.

Stratus Bubble Soccer is here to provide you with all the bubble soccer beverly hills rentals you need!