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Stratus Sports Club is the ultimate Bubble Soccer experience in Los Angeles. Our events our exciting, invigorating, and memorable. Come out and find out what everyone is talking about!

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Top 5 Bumper Ball Tips and Tricks

Stratus Sports Club

Bumper Ball is a new game unlike any other you've played. We're here to show you the best tips and tricks to win your Bumper Ball Game.  Check out the top 5 Tips and Tricks for Bumper Ball:

5. Make sure to Land on the Bumper Ball.  Falling and getting bumped happens all the time in Bumper Ball and your suit is a huge cushion for this purpose.  But keep in mind the Bumper Ball suit just covers your upper body and not your legs.  Some participants get hit and try to stop their fall or brace the fall with their lower body.  This is not the best strategy.  The ball has shoulder harnesses to stop you from landing on your head, so when worn correctly, landing directly on the bumper suit is preferred.  When bumped or falling, you want to continue your momentum and land on the Bumper Ball.  By crashing on the bumper ball won't hit your hips or knees against the ground.

4.  Stay Low on hits. Knocking opponents over is one of the best parts of Bumper Ball, here's the best way to do that. Obviously bigger people are usually more capable of knocking over smaller people just based on their sheer size in bumper ball. However, we see games where smaller opponents knock down much larger opponents or can stand up to bigger people without being knocked over.  So how do they do it?  The trick is going low!  It’s nearly impossible to knock someone down when they get lower than you.

3.  Don't just pay attention to the soccer ball – You can't win the game without touching the soccer ball, but since bumper ball is a full contact sport, you better pay attention to the players around you.  All the time people will try to make a play on the soccer ball only to get hit off their feet without even touching the ball.  We recommend you stop to bump nearby opponents before going for the ball.

2. Having a Goalie – Soccer is a positional sport and there's a reason that there is a goalie.  In Bumper ball, we don't allow someone to play directly in front of the goal, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have someone play goalie.  Teams that forget to play a goalie, or if the goalie forgets their position, have so many more goals scored on them.

1. Get up as fast as possible - The number one bumper ball tip is you should try to bounce up from a fall or hit as fast as possible.  The more time you lay on the ground, the less time you'll have in the game participating and making a difference.  Getting up ins't easy and it takes skill. Step 1 is usually to roll over to your stomach. The trick is to put one knee to the ground and lift the bumper suit by the handles doing a split squat.  The quicker you get back in the game, the quicker you'll be bumping people over and scoring goals.

Remembering all of these Bumper Ball tips and tricks isn't easy in the excitement of the game, but just remember a couple and you'll be better than most of your opponents!