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5792 West Jefferson Boulevard
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Stratus Sports Club is the ultimate Bubble Soccer experience in Los Angeles. Our events our exciting, invigorating, and memorable. Come out and find out what everyone is talking about!

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The Stratus Sports Club Blog. We'll be focusing on everything related to bubble soccer, bumper balls, buballs in Los Angles, Southern California, and the World. 

Inclement Weather

Stratus Sports Club

With rainstorms of winter, even as rare as they are in Los Angeles, it's important to talk about Bubble Soccer in the rain. We don’t get weather much more severe than a quick downpour, but if it does start flooding our bubbles make excellent floatation devices, however, please note: they are not government approved. We want to discuss our policy for poor weather so anyone looking to make a booking knows what to expect in case of rain during their party.

In the case of inclement weather we have two primary concerns: the first is safety and the second is our employee’s time.

Our bubbles do a fantastic job protecting our players, we've never had an injury worse than a scratched knee. Nevertheless wet, slippery, and muddy conditions make it harder for our refs and our players to control themselves and their bubbles. In light rain we always leave the final decision to our refs, but it's still possible to have a fun game of bubble soccer.

Rain also adds a cleaning problem for our refs. When it rains the water causes everything to stick to the bubbles whether it's dirt, leaves, grass, and the occasional wild animal. Cleaning the bubbles can add up to an hour to our refs time at each event which can throw off their daily schedule. Because of this we will usually ask, depending on conditions, for a rain surcharge for our refs to clean their bubbles in the rain. This makes sure that if your event is next, we have time to properly clean them before your event.

Rain can throw off your day but it doesn't have to throw off bubble soccer because we have top secret water proof bubbles. We're looking forward to hosting your event so book with us today, rain or shine.