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Stratus Sports Club is the ultimate Bubble Soccer experience in Los Angeles. Our events our exciting, invigorating, and memorable. Come out and find out what everyone is talking about!

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The Many Names of Bubble Soccer

Stratus Sports Club

Are you confused about the many names for the inflatable bubble suits that you’ve seen people play soccer in?  As the popularity of these zorb soccer suits explodes around the country we see all the different names of the same equipment that is available in Los Angeles as well as all over the nation. Customers are curious about their different options and want to make sure their event is the best it can be, and they don’t want to miss out on something really fun that another bubble sport offers. We’re here to help you understand your options and help you have an amazing event.

Indoor Bubble Soccer Rentals

The truth is there isn’t a difference between the different sports and in fact most people are confused about the difference. The problems began because the sport is originally from Scandinavia and there is no direct translation for the the original name. Sometime in 2011 two Norwegians named Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden created bubble soccer (aka bodyzorbing football) and in 2012 the released a video of their brand new sport. The sport swept through Europe before continuing on to Asia and North America.

With the global growth of Bubble Soccer the number of names has only grown. Traveling the world you can find Knocker Ball, the reversed named Soccer Bubble (which is common in Asia), and a different version of the game called Zorb Soccer. Another name common in England and internationally is Bubble Football.  Bumper Ball and Bumper Ball Soccer are even more names that have been popping up in various places around the US. All of these versions use similar materials and the same set of rules so while searching for you event don’t worry that you’re missing out on anything.

While the name Bubble Soccer has become the most common name here in the United States, there are a variety of names for the same game across the globe. So next time you meet some Italians visiting the Los Angeles who are interested in Knocker Ball you will know exactly what they’re talking about.