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What should I bring to a bubble soccer match?

Stratus Sports Club

Stadium Bubble Soccer, can you play?

There’s a first time for everything and for many of our customers this is their first game of bubble soccer and because they have never attended they are curious about what to bring. There are two categories of stuff that are good to have with you; items you should always bring to your game and seasonal or location based items.

We’ll cover the items you should always bring to Bubble Soccer first. To get the most out of your match it’s important to be prepared for our basic game so here’s a list of what to bring when you attend a game in Southern California.

  • Athletic shoes. Some people like to play barefoot, and while that’s allowed, it can be tough on your feet so we always suggest bringing a good pair of athletic shoes. Cleats are allowed as the field permits.

  • Water. Even in the winter or during indoor games it can be warm inside of the bubbles. Add in that many of our events run for 2 or more hours and it’s essential to stay hydrated.

  • A towel. During all of our games it’s normal to get a little sweaty and during our outdoor games you’ll be bouncing around so it’s expected that you will get dirty. Being able to brush yourself off in-between games helps you stay fresh for the next match you’re going to dominate.

  • Sense of Adventure. You’re about to just in a giant bubble and play soccer like you’ve never played before. Nothing can prepare you for how much fun you’re going to have so come excited and bring that competitive edge.

In addition to the items above there are some items that you won’t always need but for your game might be very useful. If you’re unsure we suggest bringing any of the items below you think you might want.

  • Change of clothes. It’s easy to get dirty and sweaty while you’re bubbling and sometimes it’s nice to change and drive home in clothes that are clean. However, some people prefer to ride home with the scent of victory still on them so it’s up to you.

  • Sunscreen. For all of our outdoor games we suggest bringing plenty of sunscreen. We live in Southern California and we’re blessed with a lot of sunshine but it’s important to protect yourself. We take regular breaks throughout your event so there will be opportunities to reapply as needed.

  • Jacket. During the summer this isn’t important but during the winter at our outdoor games it can be chilly. It’s important to stay warm during the breaks and not let your body cool off. During the matches you’ll stay warm in the bubbles so bring something that you can quickly take on and off in-between games.

  • Snacks. Bubble Soccer is great exercise and after you’re done you’ll feel like you had the most fun at a workout since you last watched a Richard Simmons’ video. Unlike Richard we like to take breaks so having snacks with you to stay energized is always helpful. Remember to bring something light so you don’t cramp up.

Bubble Soccer is all about you, the bubbler, and making sure you have a blast is our number 1 priority. Part of that is making sure you’re prepared when you arrive because we’ll be ready with our bubbles. See you out there soon bubblers!