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How to Fall in a Bubble Soccer Suit

Stratus Sports Club

Oh, the art of falling in a bubble soccer suit. Some people are graceful, while some people appear clumsy.  Your journey to the ground in a bubble suit the right way has many components from bracing for impact to setting yourself to get up quickly and get back in the action.  The first steps are to avoid landing on your body and only landing on the bubble.

Before we get into falling, it’s important to realize that the objective is to stay on your feet as much time as possible during the games.  Players are far more affective on their feet than on the ground.  First, keep your head up and pay attention to where your opponents are.  When you see an opponent coming, make sure you’re ready for impact.  Sometimes trying to prevent someone from knocking you down is more work than falling and getting right back up.  Sometimes it’s better to keep them from knocking you down or trying to knock the opponent down.  If you don’t see a hit coming, it’s far harder to brace for impact.

The first part to realize is that suits are designed with straps and handles that will prevent you from exiting the bubble from the top.  This means that the safest place to land on the bubble is near the top of the bubble as that’s where you’re least likely to hit your body to the ground.

Falling on the bubble is always the goal.  Some people can tuck their legs into the bubble, some people are a little to big or inflexible to do that, but avoiding falling on your legs or hips is the first step.  When you fall on your legs or hips, you are more likely to injure yourself and it’s also more difficult to get up.

The last part of falling is getting back up. The sooner you get back up the quicker you’ll be able to get back in the game and make a difference.  Some people are able to fall and tuck their legs or bend them so that when they roll back to their feet they’re ready to stand up and fly back in the action.  In order to do this, you need to be able to tuck you knees in or bend them outwards so you can shoot yourself up.  You also need the right momentum in the direction of your feet and preferably towards your front, as it’s much harder to get up from your back.

If you can’t tuck your knees or aren’t flexible enough, then your goal after falling should be rolling in the bubble to your stomach, getting to one knee and standing up.  A sense of urgency is always recommended.

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