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Stratus Sports Club is the ultimate Bubble Soccer experience in Los Angeles. Our events our exciting, invigorating, and memorable. Come out and find out what everyone is talking about!

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Is Bubble Soccer Good for Corporate Team Building?

Stratus Sports Club

Team Building at it's finest

When colleagues have new experiences as a team, their bond grows and they develop connections beyond the workplace. Whether you’re having your quarterly department party or if you are having a celebration for your whole company, bubble soccer is an excellent activity for team building.

It’s a safe way for your company’s employees to have fun, share a laugh, and work together as teams. This novel experience is exciting and fun for all and can be setup on a grass field or in a gym. Kurt, a team leader at Oracle made a great point, “Bubble soccer is a wonderful way for our team to get their aggression out and work through their issues in a fun safe way.”

It’s a wonderful event even for people who aren’t very athletic or don’t want to participate as the activity is just as fun to watch and as it is to play.  Games are short and allow for everyone to join in, if only for a game or 2. Exercise is a wonderful way to get your employees together and workout some of the stress that can build up around the office.

With the wonderful year round weather in Los Angeles, the time is always right to get outside and order a set of bubbles for your corporate event.  Bubble soccer and a nice lunch is all you need to have a wonderful event.  Just don’t forget water or drinks as participants will get hot running around in the bubbles.

Los Angeles was made for bubble soccer and bubble soccer was made for Los Angeles!  With lots of sunshine and beautiful parks, every day is a day ready to be outside having fun.

Ordering is simple, just check out our Reservations page and start your order today. First, pick a place:  A gym or a nice park with a flat grass space that’s at least the size of a basketball court if not bigger.  Shade is great! And as it can get warm in the bubbles, a shady field is ideal.

We always recommend that you order the games to start before any large meals and to have all of your employees at the field or gym at least half an hour before the game is scheduled to start.  Remind your staff to wear comfortable athletic clothes and shoes.

Take your first steps to your team building by getting your Bubble Soccer rental soon!